Cook's Hideout: My Top Essential Summer Cookout Must Haves

August 30, 2014

My Top Essential Summer Cookout Must Haves

Man Crates is a very unique company that delivers awesome gifts to men in custom wooden crates. Their mission is to end the difficulties in finding a gift for men. I can totally relate to that because I'm never sure what to buy for my husband. One glance at their site tells you that they have very interesting gifts and I'm especially impressed with the Zombie Annihilation Crate, that might be what my husbands gets as his next gift :-)
Man crates reached out to me to do a post about my favorite must-haves are for a summer cookout. Since this weekend is the last official summer weekend for this season, I thought I'll share some of my essentials.

1. Since we always have a vegetarian cookout, we always rely on good store-bought Veggie Burgers that stand up to grilling. We have couple of favorites, Morning Star Garden Veggie Burger and Gardein Chipotle Bean burger.

2. It's hot and kids get really thirsty outside. So homemade mocktail or store-bought juice boxes are a must.

3. Fresh and juicy Corn on the Cob, either grilled or boiled.

4. Reynolds Aluminum foil is my friend for mess free grilling and easy clean up.

5. Games organized for the little ones to keep busy and my favorite happens to be Limbo. All you need is a long stick and some good music, you are all set to go.

Don't forget to check out my Vegetarian Summer BBQ Recipe ideas. Enjoy your Labor day Weekend.

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