Cook's Hideout: Kimchi Pancakes (Kimchijeon) -- Vegan recipe

March 17, 2014

Kimchi Pancakes (Kimchijeon) -- Vegan recipe

Blogging Marathon# 38: Week 3/ Day 1
Theme: One Dish, Different Countries
Dish: Korea -- Kimchi Pancakes
Being a food blogger, I am always looking for new dishes to make. I rarely repeat or make the same dish again unless it is an everyday dish that the family is used to. My husband was saying the other day I cook for the blog and not for them. Mmmmm, I think I'm guilty of doing that, but I don't usually comment when he says that because I need my taste-testers happy and not grumpy.
Kimchi Pancakes (Kimchijeon)
Talking about new dishes, when I made this Kimchi -- I wasn't actually sure what to use it in. Then I found Kimchi fried rice recipe which I really liked. But as I said before, repeating dishes is something that happens very rarely, I looked for something else to make with kimchi and I found these Kimchi pancakes on the Kitchn and they seemed simple and easy to make with just a few ingredients.
Kimchi Pancakes (Kimchijeon)
We are starting our 3rd week of Blogging Marathon today and my theme for this week is 'One Dish -- Different Countries'. So I'll be making 3 different pancakes from 3 countries in the next 3 days. Starting off with Korean Kimchi Pancakes.
Kimchi Pancakes (Kimchijeon)
My homemade Cabbage Kimchi is not as red in color as the pancakes in the Kitchn post, but otherwise the taste of these pancakes was awesome.
Kimchi Pancakes (Kimchijeon)

Cabbage Kimchi - 1cup (homemade or store-bought**)
All purpose flour - ¼cup
Rice flour - ¼cup
Green Onions - 2, chopped
Salt - to taste

  • Drain the kimchi and reserve the liquid. Ad water to the kimchi liquid to make ½cup total. Chop the drained kimchi.
  • Combine all the ingredients in a mixing bowl along with the ½cup liquid. Mix well.
  • Heat a skillet on medium-high flame. Add 1tbsp oil in the skillet and swirl it around. Add ¼cup of the batter and spread it around with the back of the spoon. Cook for about 2 minutes or until the pancake is golden and crispy. Flip and cook for another 1~2 minutes.
  • Drain on paper towel and serve hot with dipping sauce.
**Notes: Make sure to read the ingredients list on store bought kimchi to make sure it doesn't have any seafood added and it is vegan.
Kimchi Pancakes (Kimchijeon)
Dipping Sauce:
Soy Sauce - 3tbsp
Toasted sesame oil - 1tbsp
Rice Vinegar - 1tsp
Gojuchang -2tsp
Agave nectar - 2tsp
Garlic - 1clove, finely chopped
Green onion - 1, finely chopped

  • Mix all the ingredients in a mixing bowl. Serve.
Lets check out what my fellow marathoners have cooked up today for BM# 38.


  1. Very healthy and looks yummy

  2. Nice one Pavani, I get the same complaint that I don't cook for them but for the blog especially when they have to wait for the pictures to be taken. The pancakes look so good and love your presentation. Jayanthi(sizzlingveggies)

  3. wow thats an delicious kimichi pancake :) looks yumm and tempting me dear !!

  4. Wow those kimchi pancakes are just irresistible, waiting eagerly to see ur next two pancakes.

  5. Lovely photos and lovely idea of pancakes! Whole Foods has Vegan Kimchi (without the fish sauce) and they also carry Worcestershire sauce (without the Anchovies)! Try it out!

  6. I guess all of us are guilty of the same Pavani, so you don't have to feel bad heheh..anyway there is a positive side where we realize if not for our blogs, we might never try anything new...lovely theme and love your presentation..the pancakes look yum!

  7. Every food blogger should live with this comment I guess. ;) ;). But after seeing the comments in our blog, it is worth it I guess. As usual they look stunning Pavani. A very new recipe.

  8. Those look nice and crisp. Very inviting. Good job. And great props again :)

  9. he, he usual complaint in every food blogger's home!! Pancakes look cute, had to try this kimchi @ home!! :)

  10. I love the dipping sauce - sounds so yummy

  11. I totally agree that tasters should be kept happy :) Very hearty looking pancakes.


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