Cook's Hideout: Kohlrabi Curry (Revisiting an Old Recipe)

December 24, 2012

Kohlrabi Curry (Revisiting an Old Recipe)

My theme for the last week of blogging marathon for this year is "Revisiting Old Recipes". Very apt for this time of the year when all of us are reminiscing on what happened through the year and making new resolutions for the upcoming new year. 

For the first day of the marathon, I decided to revisit the recipe for "Kohlrabi Curry" that has been the Most Popular post of my blog. I'm always surprised on why this recipe is the most popular one as I probably made the dish only once or twice ever since I posted it. Traffic source for this post is from Simply Recipes. I want all the visitors to this post to have a better picture to see :-)
Please refer to the original post for the recipe.

Lets check out what my fellow marathoners have cooked up for BM# 23.


  1. this looks fabulous, and hope the new page gets equal or more hits than the first :)

  2. Kudos pavani, the old and new surely makes it a stunning impression on how much we have moved forward!..:)..

  3. Love this curry with a bowl of rice. Beautiful clicks.

  4. very healthy and mouthwatering curry!!!
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  5. kohlrabi is a veggie I have only eaten once or twice - this curry looks so inviting - I must try!

  6. The picture looks wonderful. This is one of my favorite vegetables but have always eaten in a sambhar. Will give this a try.


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