Cook's Hideout: Kid's Delight-Deceptively Delicious Roundup

December 30, 2011

Kid's Delight-Deceptively Delicious Roundup

First and foremost, big Thank you to Valli for giving me the opportunity to host Kid's Delight event. Thank you to all of you for sending in 'deceptively delicious' entries. Finally my apologies for delaying the round up for this long.

I asked all of you to send me dishes that are "deceptively delicious", so the kids are happy that they are eating something yummy and the moms are happy that they fed them something delicious. I received a total of 45 entries and I've almost all of them bookmarked to try very soon. I loved the way how some of the everyday dishes have been cleverly interpreted to make them more appealing to kids. Without further ado, here's the list of entries:
Kalyani @ Mom Chef made this awesome Tandoori tofu salad. The dish looks so colorful, I'm sure kids and adults would love to have this dish.

Breakfast Ideas: Dosas/ Parathas/ Pancakes/ Puris:
Gayatri @ Gayatri's Cook Spot sent in this very interesting adai with Drumstick leaves aka Murungai keerai adai. I wish I could get my hands on drumstick leaves here to try this dish out.

Gayatri also sent these cute looking heart shaped pooris with mullu murungai leaves. These leaves apparently  have medicinal values and using them in puris sure makes them appealing to kids.

Harini @ Tamalapaku sent these healthy & delicious Palak Parathas or parathas with spinach in them. Lovely way to incorporate healthy greens into kids meals.

Priya @ Priya's Easy & tasty recipes sent in these Sprouted Green gram & Paneer stuffed parathas. These flatbreads are stuffed with of so many healthy ingredients that they are perfect for any time of the day. 

Vandana @ Cooking Up Something Nice sent in Cabbage stuffed paratha. This is yet another super healthy meal for any time of the day.

Vandana also sent in this Sponge Dosa made with Poha (flat beaten rice) & raw rice. 

Also from Vandana is this colorful Uttapam that's topped with mixed veggies.

Valli @ Spicing your life, the brain behind Kids delight event sent in these yummy Gobhi parathas, parathas stuffed with cauliflower. Valli makes the stuffing so spicy and delicious, I can see myself eating the stuffing before even stuffing the parathas :-)

Finally in this category, it's yours truly's Sweet Potato pancakes.

Gayahtri sent in these yummy beverages: Beetroot-Apple Smoothie & Coffee Milk shake. I would never in million years have thought of adding beets to a smoothie, hats off to Gayathri for the awesome idea. 

Anusha @ Tomato Blues sent in these baked Raw Plantain Cutlets that look healthy and delicious.

Gayathri made these deep fried snack, Multigrain bajjis with healthy ingredients: broccoli, cauliflower & multi grain flour. 

Hema @ Hema's Blog sent these Pista & Cerelac Vada. Very interesting and delicious combination and Hema says her older son loved these vadas even though he doesn't like pista.

Kokila @ Kokila's Indian Cooking sent in these super healthy Black chickpea balls.

Manali @ Cravings sent in Sweet Murmura that are sweetened with jaggery, a natural sweetener rather than refined sugar. Manali says her son loved this crunchy & healthy snack.

Also from Manali are these Baked Sweet Potato Fries. Manali's son absolutely love these fries and I absolutely love his picture with that huge sweet potato, sooooo cuute.

Priya sent in these delicious snacks stuffed with healthy veggies. I'm sure kids & adults would love to snack on these goodies. Kudos to Priya for coming up with these unique ideas to put a healthy spin on everyday snacks.

Baked Broccoli & Soya Kheema Samosa: Can you believe these are baked???

Broccoli-Batata Vada:

Grated Cauliflower & Potato Masala Sandwich:

 Mushroom Paneer Masala Stuffed Buns:

Swetha @ Our Cherished World made this delicious Vegetable Cutlets that she says her 3 year really loved.

Valli sent in these yummy heart shaped Vegetable Cutlets.

Harini sent in these delicious soups:

Cabbage-Chickpea Soup: This soup looks comforting & hearty and as she said the kids didn't even comment on the presence of cabbage. Now that's something that is very cleverly disguised.

Main Dishes:
Gayathri sent this delicious Mushroom & Tofu Pulao. Delicious way to have kids eat tofu.

Harini sent in these colorful & delicious main entrees:
Beetroot & Soy Granules curry: I wish my son loved beets as much as Harini's kids do. But I'm sure I would love this curry too -- one pot solution with both a veggie and a protein.

 Bok Choy Pappu/ Dal: Fusion food at its best -- Chinese bok choy in Indian style dal -- there's nothing to complain since this is such a delicious dish.

Cauliflower-Broccoli Curry: Yummy yummy, is all I can say about this curry.

Vandana sent in this very versatile Potato Salad.

Bento Lunchbox Ideas:
Amy @ Food Corner sent in these cute ideas of making everyday food look delicious, especially for the kids. I'm sure kids would love gobble up these cute decorated food and wouldn't mind eating the healthy ingredients that they are made of.

Happy Birthday Theme:

Flower Bed with Egg Sheets:

Baked Goods/ Desserts:
Chandrani @ Cuisine Delights sent in these yummy Eggless Brownies.

Chandrani also sent in these delicious Sooji Biscuits.

Gayathri sent this decadent and deceptively delicious Beet Ice Cream.

Harini sent this yummy Papaya-Carrot Halwa. Sweet way to add nutritious papaya into a dish that kids love.

Harini also sent these Ragi-Wheat-Oat Cookies. I think reading the name of the dish itself speaks for how healthy & nutritious these cookies are.

Hema sent this Eggless Vanilla cake that her son helped to make & take the pictures.

Indrani @ Recipe Junction sent these delicious bakes:
Coconutty Chocolate Cake:
 Melt-in-your mouth Eggless Nut Brownie:

Kokila sent these delicious looking Whole milk Biscuits with Jam.

Priya sent the next two delicious bakes:
Dates & Chocolate Cake:

Eggless Persimmon White Chocolate Bread:

Finally Raji @ Vegetarian Tastebuds sent this awesome looking Vegan Beet Bundt cake. What a great way to sneak in beets and looking at the picture, I can't even tell that it has beets.

Thank you all for sending in your delicious dishes for the Kid's Delight event. Don't forget to send in your entries to the December edition of Kid's Delight-Colour Palette being guest hosted by Veena @ Veg Junction.

Please let me know if I've missed any entries.


  1. Wow I just had a quick glance, all the entries look so wonderful!..thanks for hosting Pavani..Happy New year to you and your family!

  2. Wow, Great Round-up, many yummy entries, have to try many dishes for my kids..bookmarked ur page

  3. Wow, great round-up, many yummy entries..have to try many dishes for my kids..bookmarked ur page

  4. Beautiful roundup, everything looks absolutely incredible..

  5. wow...all the entries look incredible....wishing u n ur family a very happy new year !

  6. thats one yummilicious round up! sad I missed it! all items look tempting!

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