Cook's Hideout: Masala Naan Pizza

December 03, 2009

Masala Naan Pizza

I usually keep store-bought naans for impromptu guests and lazy weeknight dinners. All I need to make is a curry and dinner is served. But these naans are also great as pizza bases and also to make paninis. So with the masala naans I had on hand, I made these pizzas, very quick and filling.

Naans – 2
Pizza sauce – ¼ cup, homemade or store- bought, I used Bertolli Tomato-Basil pasta sauce
For the topping:
Onion – 2 tbsp chopped
Peppers – ¼ cup chopped
Frozen chopped Spinach – ¼ cup thawed
Mozzarella cheese & Feta Cheese

  • Toppings can be placed raw and baked for a crunchy pizza or can be sautéed in 2tsp oil till cooked through and then baked on the pizza. I did the latter, I sautéed all my toppings with 1 minced garlic clove.
  • To make the pizza: Place naans on a foil lined baking pan; spread the tomato sauce; add the toppings and mozzarella cheese & feta cheese. Bake in a 400°F oven for 8-10 minutes or until the cheese has melted. I made another pizza with just the tomato sauce, mozzarella & feta cheeses.



  1. Long back I made panini which is called nanini here :) Pizza base never thought, quick fix dinner!

  2. I use them to make pizzas too, the Indian way and find them better than the store bought Pizza base.

  3. Very nice idea..feeling like grabbing those Naan Pizza's..

  4. Soo cheesy...wat a innovative pizza...tempted to try out soon..

  5. A very very innovative dish...Looks lovely dear.. i wish to eat all of them

  6. Wish i had them tonight. Super yumm.

  7. Supecool Priya, I wonder how you can come up with an innovative recipe daily!! Whats your secret babes?? ;P

  8. Looks wonderful. perfect for lunch! Good lite appetizer dish!

  9. Great idea for pizza. Looks very yummy!!

  10. great idea to use store-bought naan for pizza! I like the frozen naans Trader Joe's carries... this is a nice recipe to use them up and also satisfy the pizza cravings. thanks for sharing!

  11. very clever idea Pavani. This is a cool idea for kids. i might give this a try on my kiddo :-)

  12. looks like fun...great idea

  13. Wow super dooooooooooper Idea looks so mouth-watering.have to try this one.Will try and let you know....


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