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July 29, 2009

Cooking from Asha’s for Tried & Tasted

I’m one of those bloggers who waits for Asha’s Wednesday’s posts on Foodie’s Hope. She makes her posts funny and informative; she cooks almost any cuisine but keeps them simple and easy to make. Following are some of the recipes I tried from her blog for Tried & Tasted: Foodie’s Hope event being hosted by Ashwini @ Ashwini's Spicy Cuisine.

Sorekai Bele Saaru: Yummy combination of sorakaya/ bottle gourd and toor dal. My son absolutely loved it.
Brown rice & Mixed lentil Adai: Addition of brown rice makes this already healthy dish even healthier.

Hurikadale (Dalia) Chutney: I usually make peanut chutney, but this is very tasty too.



  1. I agree about Asha..such a talented blogger.Takes the effort to visit so many blogs and give her valuable comments.Her once-in-a-week posts are always a pleasure to read.

    I missed taking part in this event.The dishes which you have chosen from her blog are great.My fave among them is the mixed lentil Adai..:)

  2. Hi Pavani,
    Lovely T&T the dishes look so comforting and tasty. Asha's blog rocks!nice post!great clicks

  3. Every thing looks very tasty Pavani.

  4. All the dishes look lovely. Your photos are exceptionally good.

  5. ur clicks are perfect and dishes looks yummm

  6. I would love to try that... Thanks for the link to another great blog :)

  7. Nice choice you made , the pics look amazing

  8. Very appetizing combination, Pavani.

  9. Lovely looking snaps! Too good. :-)


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