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April 22, 2009

Cooking For Kids-Rice

I made two very basic rice recipes, Dhadhojanam (Curd Rice) & Bellam Paravaannam (Rice pudding with jaggery)for CFK-Rice event being hosted by Trupti @ Trupti’s Food Corner. CFK is the brain child of Sharmi @ Neivedyam.

Here’s how I made them.
  • I washed, drained and soaked rice (I use Sona masoori rice) in 3 cups of water for about an hour, this will make sure that the rice cooks to a soft consistency.
  • Pressure cook with 2½ - 3 cups of water for 3 whistles (less or more whistles depending on your cooker).
  • For Rice Pudding: Take half the cooked rice in a saucepan, add milk and let it come to a simmer on medium-low flame. When it starts simmering add elaichi powder (cardamom) and badam feast (if using) and simmer for 2-3 minutes. Remove from flame and add jaggery and mix well to incorporate. Since this was for my 18month old I did not add any nuts or raisins.
  • For Curd Rice: Let the other half rice cool just a little bit. Add yogurt and milk. In a small pan, heat 1tsp oil; when oil’s hot, add mustard seeds, cumin seeds, urad dal (minapappu), red chili, green chili, grated ginger and hing. Once the seeds splutter add to the rice, along with pinch of turmeric and salt to taste. Mix well; let cool before serving. Sometimes I add grated carrots and zucchini to make it more nutritious.
Rice – 1 cup

Curd Rice:
Yogurt – 1cup
Milk – ½ cup
Mustard seeds - ¼ tsp
Cumin seeds - ¼ tsp
Urad dal (minapappu) - ¼tsp
Red chili – ½
Green chili – ½ of medium, sliced
Ginger - ½ tsp, grated
Hing – pinch

For Rice Pudding:
Jaggery – ¾ - 1 cup, grated
Milk – 1 – 1½ cups
Elaichi powder (cardamom) – 1 tsp
Badam Feast (MTR brand) – 2tbsp (optional)


  1. Hi Pavani, i love curd rice, its one of my fav and rice pudding looks similar to kheer, only difference i prepare it using sugar, nice entries..

  2. Simple and tasty dishes.i love curd rice and i add grated carrot to it...

  3. Trisha loves Rice pudding with Vanilla essence. Curd rice is my fave, might make some this weekend. It's going to be 85F to 89F this weekend!!

  4. Reminds me of childhood... these are the 2 basic dishes that kids are often fed... Looks so great and a lovely post for the event...

  5. Wow even adults will love this, looks yumm.

  6. Rice pudding looks so good!

    I often make rice pudding with almond milk , and it tastes so wonderful.

  7. Rice pudding will be winner around kids. I will go for the Curd!


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