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March 30, 2008

Monthly Blog Patrol-April: One Pot Wonders

Coffee of The Spice Cafe has decided to pass on the baton for hosting her Monthly Blog Patrol aka MBP event because of her work commitments. So I'm going to be your guest host for this April's edition of MBP and the theme for this month is One Pot Wonders.

With the hectic schedules all of us keep, one pot meal ideas are a must to have in our culinary repertoire. So for this month, hop around the blogosphere, find your favorite one pot meal, cook it and post it on your blog.

Here are the rules:
  • One Pot Meal should be made in only One Pot. It could be a soup, pasta dish, rice dish or even a dessert. You might even want to also use a crock pot or a slow cooker.
  • Make your favorite one-pot meal from fellow blogger (it definitely has to be from a fellow blogger, not from any other cooking site.)
  • Post a picture of the final recipe on your blog linking it to the parent blogger (whose recipe you made) . You can either post just the final picture or the entire recipe. You might want to highlight the changes/ substitutions you made to the original recipe. One final picture and a link to the original recipe is a must.
To send in your entry for the event:
          • Email me at with your
          • Name
          • Blog Name & URL
          • Entry Name & URL
          • Parent Recipe's URL
          • No need to send the pic (I'll get that from your post)
          • Any number of entires are allowed from one blogger.
          • Deadline for the event is April 25th.
Thank you Coffee for this opportunity.


  1. now thats a wonderful theme for MBP Pavani:) i already have tried one pot dish from fellow blogger and ur theme is just too perfect for it;)

  2. Hi Pavani,
    its been ages...hope you're doing well...and glad to see you hosting MBP this month...hope to contribute!

  3. Hi pavani...
    Had a doubt... does it have to be a recipe from a fellow blogger only or can it also be my own recipe?.... please clarify.... Iam a first time participant to this event... iam not aware of the rules... please clarify...thanx

  4. Pavani ,
    Glad to see you on your blog posts again. its been while since i see any updates here. I think as you are not listed on "Tastes of India" people might not be knowing about you hosting this.

    go here -

    and suggest a feed for on your blog and one separate for this event too.
    I am in for your event dear. Will see what i can come up with :)

  5. Thank you Sia. See you at the round up then.

    Hi Nandita,
    Yes.. I have been away for quite sometime, busy with my 6 month old. But wanted to come back with this event. Hope to see you in the round up.

    Hi Shubha,
    The recipes MUST be from other BLOGGER and not your own. Hope to see you at the round up.

    Hi Pooja,
    Thank you for the info on Tastes of India. Will definitely contant Sailu on that.
    Hope to see you at the round up.

  6. hi nice theme will sure,,,tk part,,btw me ne w into food blooging....if u have a minute or two do drop in at my blog

  7. Was looking for the MBP announcement and here it is... nice theme. Count me in.

  8. definitely sounds interesting...I look forward to participating:)

  9. Wonderful logo! Looks beautiful and a great theme as well. :) Thanks Pavani. :)

  10. sounds interesting.. im ready for this event :D

  11. interesting, 'll try for it,
    i'm new to this blog world,n coming across so many interesting recipes to cook n alot of motivation too...

  12. Just sent you an email with my entry , check it out .


    is the parent link..

  14. I should email my girlfriend about it.

  15. hello friends,

    I am just joined here and , worrying to learn some things here.

    Sorry for my bad english i m Belarus




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