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November 14, 2006

Blogging Break

Guys.. I'm off to India for a short vacation (good things don't last long.. I wish they do.. but.. you know..) Will be back in 2 weeks.. I'm planning to participate in JFI-Jaggery from India (with my mom's help).
Have a very Happy Thanksgiving.. Have fun..

PS: I was wondering what Indians would make if we were to celebrate Thanksgiving?? Will think about this on my way to India..


  1. Pavani,
    Hope you have a safe journey. Make sure to buy lots of sarees and jewellery and eat as much as you can! :)
    Have a good trip.

  2. Tandoori chicken and stir-fry potatoes and jamuns:))

    Have a great vacation:))

  3. 2 weeks, that is short. Have a wonderful time Pavani.

    I look forward to reading your Jihva-jaggery post from India. Thanks for thinking about it.


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